Bright and clickable YouTube preview, cover for YouTube videos

Услуги, Други

Want cool preview images for your YouTube videos? I offer my services for producing such images (another name is video covers). By contacting me, you will receive unique and “juicy” previews (size 1280x720 px, format - .jpg), upon seeing which, the user will immediately want to click on your YouTube video (and the CTR indicator has a very strong influence on views). While your competitors are looking for the next designer who, like the previous one, will do something standard and not catchy, you will enjoy the number of views of your videos. Needed to order: Show references - previews that you like. Tell us what your video is about, or provide a link to the video itself. Tell us what you would like to see in the preview. Specify the text to be written on the preview If you have sources, please provide them (photos, pictures) Required: photo of the presenter or other human protagonist. (Without this, you won’t get a good, eye-catching preview) Give answers to clarifying questions (technical questions - colors, sizes, etc. Freelance service includes: Video preview Design options: 1 Completion time: 2 days Social network: Youtube

Bright and clickable YouTube preview, cover for YouTube videos
Вид: Услуга, Състояние: Нова
Местонахождение: Европа, Онлайн, Онлайн
Транспорта се поема от: Продавач
Частна, бизнес: Частна, Количество: 1

Ед. цена: 25,00 C&B EUR

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