Parsing Instagram. Collecting subscribers and filtering accounts

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Parsing and collecting followers of Instagram accounts. This data can be used for mass following, mailing and other methods of attracting customers. The collection of subscribers occurs only from open accounts. The final file will contain up to 50,000 subscribers with data: ID Logins Additionally: > Filtering of accounts: open or closed, whether or not there is an avatar, a business account, with or without stories, by the number of subscribers, subscriptions or posts of the account, when the last post was uploaded, etc. Also, after filtering, additional data of your choice is collected: id, login, name, number of subscribers, subscriptions or posts and other data of your choice. Only those that are publicly available on the account page. Filtering has some error and may not be 100% accurate. > Collection of data for targeted advertising through Facebook account > Dividing the results into different files - if you need subscribers of different accounts to ultimately be provided in different files. P.S. Instagram changes things every day and improves the security of the site, so the parser may not work stably. Needed to order: To start fulfilling your order, specify up to 10 Instagram accounts whose followers need to be parsed into a file. Freelance service includes: Collection of subscribers Completion time: 1 day View: Email and accounts Data source: Social media networks Social network: Instagram Volume of service in Quark: 50,000 data units

Parsing Instagram. Collecting subscribers and filtering accounts
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